Youtube Classics.

A look back to the good ol' days of yore, the days before todays everything at your fingertips , on demand technology made everything so easy. So what better way to be reminded of those days then using the pinnacle of todays everything at your fingertips , on demand technology, Youtube.

Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' video.
This video has always been overshadowed by the infamous Thriller vid from the same album which as most people know was the first video to use the now standard group choreographer.
But this video also set a format many would follow. A West Side Story style gang fight, that of course can be resolved through song and dance (I have avoided many a friday night bust up with a well timed dance routine)
Featuring a well choreographed knife-fight and some of the best 80's gang ware since
The Warriors, this video is well worth another look.

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