Detboi, Midfield General and Arveene

The Clampdown boys keep up the pace this week with one of our favourite artists right now Detboi dropping by to show us what he got. It's a tough call to fill a place like Andrews Lane every week but Johnny Moy and Arveene are doing just that, calling on acts like Hot Chip, Rory Phillips and James Lavele to help them out. Next month the lads are throwing a DFA party featuring Juan McLean and Nancy Whang on the 26th, deffo one to put in the dear diary. Back to this week though, as regular readers will know, Detboi is a local hero to us, he represents Dublin on the Big Bass Scene, rubbing shoulders and pushing faders with Herve, Sinden and the rest of the crew at Machines Don't Care -album out on July 7th!-More on that here and taster here:
On a Roll Man - Herve, Trevor Loveys and Affie Yusef (zshare) courtesy of machinesdontcare.com

Midfield General is also on the bill, his track Disco Sirens has prooved a dancefloor smasher, check out the video below:

(Apparently the girls can still see just fine)

See em' for FR€€:
mail me at onechewlove@gmail.com with your name and you could win one of 3 double passes!

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