Let's Remix It.

A couple of great remixes have found there way to my inbox recently and from there straight to my ever expanding record bag.
First up, from Melbourne, Vinyl Man & Wax Boy have sent over this remix of The Cranberries 'Zombie' (must have figured out the Irish connection). Melbourne has a great scene right now that's fully embraced todays cut-up culture, you here a lot of Bmore and Baile about the place and producers like Switch are massively popular. They seem to look after their local DJs too, with the better ones gaining loyal followings and good festival slots, which is always good to see.
Vinyl Man & Wax Boy - The Communist Zombie Mix (YSI)
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Next up, Paul Devro's mix of Fleetwood Mac has been getting a great reaction all over the place including some moving sing-a-long action down the local. Sounds like it's going to be cheesy I know, but give it a lash at the end of the night and listen up!
Paul Devro - Everywhere (YSI)
Paul's Space

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