Maya goes M.I.A

After canceling her European tour MIA has caused further upset after remarks she made sparked speculation of retirement. During a recent show at Bonnaroo, she repeatedly thanked the crowd for coming to her 'last gig', a remark that some have taken up as a retirement announcement. No one can officially confirm or deny this, some people seem adamant it's for good and likewise a lot of people say she was just referring to that leg of her tour. Even if she did intend it as a retirement announcement itwould be hard to tkae her too seriously, she certainly wouldn't be the first pop star to announce retirement only to re-emerge shortly after but she certainly never struck me as the dramatic poser type to make these sort of claims (50cent anyone?) Lets hope it's just a rough patch and she is back on her feet as soon as possible. Here she is in action in the video for Bucky Done Gun from 2005's Arular and from last years Kala album its Boyz.

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kevmaXXX said...

As the not so subtle hint on the bodytonic website suggests, this probably has to do with Mayas love of the non-Irish type of craic!