I was more of a sega head...

but I still wouldn't mind this in my gaff.

It's from an installation called 'Landscape' and that's pretty much all I know about it.
That and the fact it got me thinking....

There was a time when 'Mario or Sonic?' said as much about you as 'Oasis or Blur?' and as a Sonic fan amongst many Mario heads I faced a constant battle arguing important issues such as the validity of collecting rings Vs coins and the ever pressing Tails Vs Luigi debate. I always kept my head held high and fought my case but deep down I see now that I knew, Mario was superior. Sonic just could't compete, especially when MarioKart for the Snes came out, that game went on to play a pretty big part of my life up until quite recently, 3 day tournaments were not uncommon.
Sega tried, they released a Sonic compilation on PS2 a while back which I figured would be a great dose of nostalgia but sadly the red booted hedgehog just hasn't stood the test of time as much as that fat Italian plumber.

I wonder what pressing issues the youth face nowadays are? Answers in the comments below!

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