Act Yo Age Foo!

Not long ago I remember ragging on my Aussie mates about the state of their music scene. My how things have changed. Bang Gang DJs, Midnight Juggernauts and Presets are all gaining huge worldwide following now and as I mentioned here, the local scene down there is kicking right now. Act Yo Age are part of that new movement, their own re-edits are getting dropped all over the place and they have a new EP out in a few months with some big shot remixes by Brodinski and Shirkan as well as a bilabong full of local talent. Keep an eye on the myspace for tour dates and news on that EP but in the meen time check below for a wee sampler.
Act Yo Age Myspace

Sweat It Out Music

Act Yo Age - Licky Gets Down (zshare)
Act Yo Age - Juan Pablos Jumoin' feat Capelton (zshare)
Act Yo Age Super Mini Mix Sampler!

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