Sonic 86 - Bass in yo Face!

It's always nice to help break a new act, especially when it's an act as fresh sounding as these fellas. It's also a bonus when you have the pleasure of knowing and playing alongside them from time to time. Sonic 86 are two Dublin based DJs and producers that fit all of the above criteria and some. Part of a new wave of talent that has a full understanding of how the current club/blog climate works and where it seems to be heading too, they have embraced genres from the past like ghetto tech and techno and mixed them with current trends like the BadMan Bass sound favored by Herve and co. to create a new style that as yet has no name (see the Egyptrixx post for another good example).
The lads mention acts like Drop The Lime, Detboi, Egyptrixx and Drums of Death as acts 'killin it' right now, that will give you some indication of the sound they are pushing. Or you could just download the tracks and break out the Bassbins.
Keep it here for info on upcoming Sonic 86 gigs.
Sonic 86 - Heat Gun
Sonic 86 - Limb by Limb
Sonic 86 - Tipsy
Sonic 86 - NNYY (highly reccomended)

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Lowpass said...

Toasty. What's the badman bass sound? I assume you're not talking about the lynyrd skynyrd song.. :)

chewy said...

Badman Bass is that Fidget-y stuff with all the dancehall samples as per Machines Dont Care. Seems to be gaining popularity.

Lowpass said...

Ah, yeah.. I've heard it called dubhall too. Fidget of dubstep with ragga attitude.