Like Bread & Butter (and Steak)

POGO resident Nic James will be reunited with Dublin's prodigal Dancehall son Eno this Friday in the nearly open Twisted Pepper. The boys will be back in the venue that hosted their Nylon night 5/6 years ago, this will bring back many memories for yours truly as it was at this same night I played my first ever club gig. Indeed Nylon was where I spent every Sunday afternoon/night for about two years, sippin' half price cocktails and bustin' moves to the sounds of Nic, Eno, Arveene and Trixton.
But that was then and this is now (or was now when I typed this, now it's probably then again) Nic, as mentioned has been resident at POGO since doors opened nearly 6 years ago while Eno has moved to London where he has been serving up Disco Dancehall bootlegs a plenty as well as setting up his own record label. Check em' out below...

Nic has been busy too and has just come up with this ace mixtape for the Bodytonic site, it's full of Club Rap or Ragga House of whatever you want to call the vocal led fidgety stuff plus a bit of Benga, Santo, Wiley and Dizzee.

Nic James Club Rap Mix for POGO
Tracklist and original post on Everything is Ok.

Breakology present Bread and Butter Party at Twisted Pepper, Friday 3rd October from 11pm.


nicholas said...

Yo chewy! thanks for putting the mix up and the Nylon reminiscing. Was it really that long ago? The new monthly (first Friday of every month)is called SayWhat?! and I'll be having guests over like Toddla T, Martelo, Sick girls and more.

chewy said...

fraid so Nic. We aint gettin any younger. I will do an updated 'Say What?' post when the venue is up and running. see you soon.