Nite Version Vs Night Version

Soulwax have come up trumps again with this Nite Version* of MGMT's Kids. There have been loads of dodgy copies of this remix floating around the blogs recently, some hairy live rips which sound like they came off a mobile phone and some slightly better (camera?) ones too. Well this is about the best one I have heard, typical Soulwax affair with the custom synths and chopping all used to nice affect. Get it into ya!
MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Nite Version)

*Originaly coined in the 80's when Duran Duran decided to record extended versions of their songs with the dancefloor in mind, Night Versions are extended versions of tracks usually with longer intros and instumentals intended for playing in night clubs. Soulwax paid homage to this with their Nite Versions album in 2005.
Check out the awesome Girls on Film Night Version, included in a 2003 Erol Alkan Muzik Mag CD, Erol was apparently inundated with people asking whose remix it was (assuming it was his own edit) when it was in actual fact released on the original 12" in 1981.
Still sounds fresh today.
Duran Duran - Girls on Film (Night Version)

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kevmaXXX said...

the lovely Crookers closed with this at a Trailer Trash party in London last weekend. it went down like a dyke on Moore Street. Fishy-tastic!