M.I.A Update...

So what has she been up to since she 'quit' music a few months back? A couple of things actually.
First off, her clothing line is up and running and available to buy on her website here, it's just what you would expect, lots of crazy colours and prints similar to what she wears on stage, reminded me a bit of Henrik Vibskovs stuff. Check it out below.

She was also on BBC 1 recently with Switch and Diplo standing in for Giles Peterson, the show is available as a Mad Decent podcast, if you haven't already subscribed to the podcast get on it now. The show features a few tracks from Switch and Diplos new Dancehall project Major Lazer and loads of other weird stuff as well as some odd banter between the three.
Mad Decent Radio Podcasts
Thirdly, she has been working on a new record label (more on that soon) signing the likes of Baltimores Rye Rye. The two can be heard on the the Radio 1 show on the track Tic Toc. Check it out below:
Rye Rye and M.I.A - Tic Toc


A.M. said...

We're in sync Chewy. I have been reading bout her for my talk I am giving this evening. Neon glow started in 1930s (in experimental film anyway) by Len Lye.

She did go to St Martins - inevitable that she would go back to her art roots. Her mum was also a seamstress. :)

kevmaXXX said...

yeah, Len Lye was a new Zealand artist who worked at the BBC doing public service ads by scratching the film and shining all these bright colours through it. (saw am exhibition in Tate Modern)
wonder if you can see his videos on youtube.....?

A.M. said...

Yes - you can see them on You Tube or else on my blog. (cough).
It's amazing that the Post Office in Britain allowed him to make such abstract films for their promotion, it was the 1930s. I can only imagine what seeing one of his films for the first time at that period, would have been like.

Jase said...

Rye Rye is going to be as big as M.I.A one day, mark my words!!!