Chromeo & Surface To Air Tee Released

We know there are a few Chromeo fans among the ClimaXXX readership so just in case you haven't heard already, the pair have teamed up with French design house Surface To Air to create their own line for the fashion brand. As a little 'tee-ser' S2A have released this leggy tee (pictured) featuring the album artowrk and logo but we can look forward to the actual Chromeo collection early next year. P-Thugg had this to say: “I’m going to do a varsity jacket and a hoodie, and Dave is going to do a Western shirt and a jacket, we’re going to create pieces that match our style.”
The band already teamed up with S2A on the video for Tenderoni and the cover of the Fancy Footwork Album, check them out on the S2A site here.

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Katie said...

Swoon! although is it really design if they're just copying clothes they already have? but who cares. I'd still buy it for a dollar. OR 100.