Halloween in Dubblein Town

Been very light on the posts this week, the Bank Holiday took it out of me, loads on the weekend ahead, this is what we will be up to at camp climaXXX:

Tonight climaXXX will be down at Mr Jones in the Twisted Pepper. I will be joined by Brazilian DJ Marina, who will be schooling us on all things Brazil. Expect lots of Booty Shakin' beats.

ClimaXXX Vs Mr Jones in the Twisted Pepper tonight from 11pm

Tomorrow night Partie Monster is back, this time it's Rí-Rá that will be scared witless. The theme this time around is a dead Hollywood Ball, Dave Salacious will be providing the sounds, outrageous attire is recommended.

Partie Monster #4 at Rí-Rá Friday from 11pm

DJ Derek is playing in the Shaw on Sat, highlight of the weekend for me, a 70 year old pensioner with the voice and record colection to rival many dancehall MCs. All the info is here, check the vid for an idea.

DJ Derek
Saturday in the Bernard Shaw from 9pm

Radioclit are in the Button Factory on Saturday as part of Transmission, read up on Radioclit here and drop me an email here here if you want to try win one of two passes. These guys are gonna do well for themselves next year with the African flavour they have been pushing for some time, expect to hear a lot more about them very soon.

Radioclit at Transmission (Button Factory) Saturday 1st November, 11pm


Lowpass said...

Damn, that clip rules. Nice jump-off for a guy twice my geezerish age.

chewy said...

yeah he was great. Full of chat and history lessons, raggamuffin style.