In Flagranti meet Arveene and Misk

Exclusive one right here, forthcoming on the Kitsune label it's Arveene and Misk's mix of In Flagranti's Business Acumen. The boys have done a fantastic job on this adding a new dimension to an already great track with a wah guitar loop and soaring synth line, funking up the track good and propper and beefing up the breakdown no end too.
Kitsune seemed to loose a bit of steam with their last two Maison compilations, getting lost in blur of distorted electro. The new Maison compilation is due out on October 27th and is billed as 'the melodic one' so it seems they know what needs to be done. A few more releases like this should help get them back on course.

In Flagranti - Bisiness Acumen (Arveene and Misk's business acid remix)


IN FLAGRANTI - Business Acumen (Original Mix)

Arveene is resident at Clampdown in Dublin, check the myspace for other dates.
The Kitsune tour lands in Dublin on 29th November, more details to follow!

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