Synth Eastwood

Synth Eastwood returns this month with its biggest show to date. The collective will take over FilmBase, The Button Factory and Meeting House Square in Dublin's Temple Bar on the 24th October.
'What the devil is a Synth Eastwood?' I hear you cry. Only a chance for non-arty and arty people alike to get the creative juices flowing and have their work exhibited for all to see. The show its self is as the guys say, more like a gig then an exhibition with guest bands and DJs playing as well as performances by the Synth Eastwood band, who play tracks created using samples submittted by you and me.
This time round the theme is 'Cycles' so you can either create an image or a sample of audio inspired by this theme.
The project is non-profit and open to people all over the world, just think of an idea and send it in.
Closing date for applications is 13th October so you still have a few days to get the crayons/keyboards out.
Check the site for more info and past work.

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