The 90s are back... already

2 Unlimited
Survived a horrific car crash in which
both members were killed.

So it's official - the 90s are the new 80s, which funnily enough were the new 70s about 15 years ago which means the old 20 year cycle is repeating even earlier then usual. No doubt another consequence of Generation Y's struggle to be one step ahead of the next hipster in world Web 2.0. (Expect an influx of invites to 90s nights all over your facebook and a bombardment of blog posts exactly like this one very soon).

While some retailers (and McDonalds ads) would have you believe the 80s are still hot, a scan through the Hype Machine will show up a world of 90s remixes and originals.
The music is easy to source, the fashion on the other hand is going to be trickier; for the last couple of years I have had regular E-Bayers on the look out for shell suits to no avail, same goes for X-Worx and Eclipse jeans. I managed to get lucky in a couple of charity shops and am now the proud owner of 3 shell suits; the jeans however still evade me.
I put this down to the fact that these fashions were strictly for young teenagers who begged their mostly unwilling parents to buy them, as opposed to larger fashion movements of the 80s such as leg warmers or poofy shirts that were embraced by everyone. This meant that when the fad wore out, parents binned the offensive jeans without giving the kids a say. Essentially wiping out Naf-Naf jackets, carpenter jeans and Hyper Colour tee-shirts forever. A crying shame I am sure you will agree.

Fortunately the music still lives on though, artists like 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat and Gala have all stood the test of time... well, have a special place in our memories anyway. Over the next couple of weeks I will be taking a little look at certain elements of 90s dance culture as best I can, for now here is a reminder of what I am talking about.


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