Benga Back in Dublin this Friday.

As if there wasn't enough to choose from on Friday night, dubstep supremo Benga is gonna make the choice even harder with his visit to the Twisted Pepper. Hardcore dubstep fans probably scoff at Benga for his cross over appeal, rathering the sound stay in back streets of South London. For people like me who are only really getting into the dubstep sound now, he is the perfect introduction. Mixmaster Mac E wrote about his album 'Diary of An Afro Warrior' waaaay back here and since then the chap has played the Picnic, where he MC'd with Diplo and blew the place apart with his own set. Night will go down as one of the biggest tunes of 08, it made playlists by Dn'B heads, Baltimore heads, 'fidget heads'* and just about everyone else. Here it is below. Along with a sweet Bmore mix. We have tickets for this too, details below.
*Fidget Heads - Sounds like a long lost 90's Board Game.


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United Groove Single @ iTunes: http://bit.ly/3SIsN