Brodinski and Rex The Dog this Friday in Spy

We have two tickets for this gig up for grabs. Brodinski who I have written gushingly about here before, is one of the leading lights of the French electro scene, I could ramble on about his 'post-justice' classic French attitude or some other crap, but suffice to say his taste in music is far broader than his 20 years on this planet would suggest. Rex The Dog is also there ,haven't heard much from this lad since the Backlash days where his Prototype track was an anthem and his identity was like this years 'Who Is Fake Blood?' conundrum. His recent mix of Goldfrapp went down well though.

If you would like to go see this show, send a mail to onechewlove@gmail.com with your full name and we will pick two at random.


Brodinski In Action
Brodinski and Rex The Dog at Spy, Friday 14th November, 11pm.

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A.M. said...

Have you ever had someone climb all over you like that when you're djing?
Brondinski is very cute tho. :)