Green Synergy back in the Bourogh

Heineken Green Synergy is back this week with the usual mix of free bar gigs and big name acts dropping by the Camden St area. Full listings are here but here are the climaXXX favourites...

Wednesday 12th November
Plastician and Safety Boy at Anseo.
This lads last first visit here was the 'introduction to dubstep night' in the Spiegel Tent a while back where he rocked the place and made up for Skreams sloppy antics behind the decks. Local lad Safety Boy is on the warm up - the main man to call for a dubstep warm up.
What to expect: being packed into a room full of slightly crusty types going propper large.
Plastician Myspace

Across the road in Solas the Disconauts will be on hand with house music a plenty. I shall be popping between the two for a few 4/4 beats if the 2 step gets a bit much.
What to expect: a load of old Dublin 'scene' heads out for pints with the kids at home.

Friday 19th November
Bestival Reunion Tour in The Pod.
This should be good craic, loads of great acts under one roof, 808 State, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, The Cuban Brothers and on the decks...Tom Middleton doing a classics set, DJ Yoda, Rob da Bank and Steve Manning.
What to expect: A very mixed crowd running between rooms and possible nakedness from the Cuban Brothers.

Meanwhile upstairs in Tripod...
Richie Hawtin, a god to some people, will be entertaining a no doubt full house with whatever form of techno takes his fancy on the night. Most will be hoping for minimal but who knows, one thing is for sure, when he is good he is amazing but catch him off form and it's 25 quid down the jacksie.
What to expect: a LOT of young lads with their tops off trying to touch a man with a ropey haircut.
Richie online.

Saturday 20th November
Cut Copy at The Village
Apparantly this is sold out, too bad if you didn't bag a ticket already, I have seen these fellas a few times now along with their Aussie contemporys Midnight Juggernauts and The Presets (who play the next day), and they never dissapoint, good old mix of guitar based electro that has earned them a great reputation around the world.
What to expect: a young post Nu Rave crowd moshing up a storm.
Cut Copy myspace

Sunday 21st November
The Presets at The Village
For just 2 dudes these guys amke a lot of noise, as I mentioned above I have seem them a couple of times including twise in Australia where they are treated like heroes (and rightly so). Shame this in on a Sunday which will probably keep a few people away, those that do make it down will be out for some serious entertainment and I have no doubt they will get it.
What to expect: what Sunday night lack in numbers they make up for in atmosphere, a small hedonistic crowd up for everything.
The Presets myspace.

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