A note on Posting...

As I mentioned below, I got an email form the Blogger team telling me they had removed my Toddla T post in accordance with a DMCA request. This was because I posted some copyrighted music without permission (as most music blogs do). It got me thinking for a moment about whether it's cool or not to be posting all this music around blogs for free- queue a flash moment of painful guilt about all the artists lives I was ruiniung That lasted about two minute before I copped on to the actual truth.
I do not post much music on here, when I do it's nearly always to promote the artist in questions gigs and the music seldom stays up longer then a fortnight.
Artists like Toddla had their carrers partly built by bloggers, how else would he have gained his reputation before being signed. Every day I get mails from the next Toddla wannabe with their tracks begging for a post. If any of these guys get signed they can't just turn around and expect people to stop posting about them.
Unfortunalty it's the record labels who are causing the fuss though, still clawing away at the lost few cents of revenue instead of trying to embrace the curent culture and figure out how to try and reach the levels of MASSIVE profit they enyoyed for so long in the past. Much like the banks who faced colapse recently, had they bothered to stop and look at what was going on a few years ago they might have fared better.

I asked Toddla on Friday night after his ace set what he though. He was on my side too, was even slightly apolgetic it and thanked me for the support so I left with a clear concious. Maybe if the post hadn't have been deleted there would have been a few more heads down at the gig which was a little low in numbers. Toddla and Sero still wrecked it though.


A.M. said...

One person that springs to mind that has made a career from bloggers is Lykke Li.

Her music has that commercial appeal so I dunno why some one would pick on a Toddla T post. strange.

chewy said...

I think the labels just have interns googling their artist roster and sending out automatic mails. It was mixes of Little Boots and Tricky I had up so could have been either label. Ah well, as I said my conscience is clear.