Back Once Again

Well, it's certainly been a while, over a month actually but here I am, back again, if with a slightly different climaXXX than before.
There were a few reasons for my hiatus, thinking about it properly though, none are really a great excuse- there is always a bit of time for a post, no matter how small.

First off: I was starting to get a bit pissed off with blogger deleting my posts, fair enough if there was some copyright issues but if they had have deleted the MP3 and kept the text I wouldn't be so bothered but it was a bit crap to have the whole lot go with no record kept.
Secondly: I started a new job and the transition from man of leisure to 9-5 wage slave took its toll on me - big time. I was bleedin' wrecked for the first while actually but have managed to get into the swing of it now.
Issue the third: The old January blues got me pretty bad and I just found it hard to get inspired. Feeling much better now though so back to it.

The changes in Blogger’s rules mean that from now on there will be a lot fewer illegal MP3 knockin' round here so to fill the gap expect more inane ramblings, some interesting videos, ads and hopefully a few more guest slots from Kt80 and SUgArTiTZ. There will of course be more news on gigs in Dublin and climaXXX club will be back in Feb with some disco madness.


Lowpass said...

January hates me. Good work surviving.

chewy said...

cheers dude.
it was tough, good to see you made it too!