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I found this over on Palmsout which I had been neglecting for a while. They have stopped Remix Sunday because of that Google/ DMCA issue I mentioned a while back. They are fighting the issue in court by the sounds of it. Check the full story here, some interesting points raised on both sides. Sure it's pretty lame when people post entire back catalogs of artists, you cant argue with that but the manner in which Google are dealing with this is totally unjust, just deleting whole posts without mentioning the url in question. Lots of work just deleted with no record. In case you are unaware, Google own blogger the service that hosts Palmsout and indeed this blog and they are cracking down on copyright infringement. It also made me think of my own reliance on Google and whether it's wise or not. I use Gmail, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Calender and Youtube, my gmail is also full of very sensitive material (not porn-financial stuff) when it went down last week there was no word from Google, they obviously felt they didn't have to explain. This is what power does. I am probably to lazy to change though... for now.

Enough ranting though, as I was saying, I found this nice mix over there by Soulwax's One Man Party, it was complied for New York photographer Nicky Digital and his Pre Party Jamz series. Jape, Tom Tom Club, The Human League and Roxy Music - 4 of my all time favourites on one mix.. delicious!

1. Jape - Floating
2. Tom Tom Club - Genius of love
3. Venus Gang - Love to Fly
4. Sylvester - I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
5. Rob Base & EZ Rock - Get on the Dancefloor
6. AC/DC - Love Hungry Man
7. Chic - I Feel Your Love Coming On
8. Human League - Love Action
9. Sly and the Family Stone - Love City
10. Alan Braxe - In Love With You
11. Spirit - Love has Found a Way
12. Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski Edit)
13. Roxy Music - Love is the Drug
14. Love Games

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Katie said...

Hey just listened to this mix now - some sweet tunes on it. that 3rd song 'love to fly' is on that glimmers eskimo no5 mix i think. sweet!