Lets Make Party

I have only had the pleasure of seeing Mikki Dee a couple of times thus far but his technical skills and nice broad tune selection stuck in my mind. His latest mixtape, 1,2,3 Go! can testify to this, he dropped me a copy a few weeks ago and it has raised more than a few ear holes since. He will be starting his new clubnight in the Village this Friday with a bit of support from Mystro, Arveene and JB the Deejay. It will be a special AV set of which reports are pretty astounding. Free before 10pm, €8 after.
He will have a few copies of the mixtape to give away on the night, if you can't make it but want one anyways, drop me a mail and I will try hook you up.


A.M. said...

Interesting Fact: Mikki Dee was playing to a packed Bacardi B Bar at EP last year - he dropped Cocoa Tea's Barack Obama and the area cleared.
He was so 'on it' and peeps didnt even realise.
A.M. x

chewy said...

maybe they were all Republicans?

A.M. said...

lol \o/