Lather Up! - Chromeo on Yo Gabba Gabba

Guest Post from KT80

I could easily lament the fact that I'm not 6 and they didn't make shows like Yo Gabba Gabba when I was a chisler and I don't get to watch Chromeo rocking out on afterschool tv. But it turns out 6 year olds are stupid kids who don't even know or care who Chromeo are and probably just think they are a couple of dorks telling them to wash their hands. When we know the real truth: adults never wash their hands and Chromeo are amazing. When I was 6 and Sesame Street and the Muppet Show had the biggest celebrities in the world on - did I care that Richard Pryor or Ray Charles were reading me my alphabet? Hell no, all I cared about was Kermit's Newsflash, just like the kids watching Yo Gabba are screaming 'Screw these OCD clean freaks, send out the dancing monster with the long stripey arms!' But hey, we're all happy. Especially the (not at all creepy) guy at the end of the clip trying to hypnotise kids into staying tuned!

P.S if anyone has an mp3 of the lather up song ( Dave1 I'm talking to you) please send it to me c/o Climaxxx.



Katie said...

wow! chewy! what an eloquent, perspicacious and discerning post you just delivered - not your usual offering!! ha ha you jerk. x x x KT

Anonymous said...

Those nick kids best recognize that they just witnessed magic at the hands of Chromeo or it's an eternity of the naughty circle for their ass.