Mos Def's Music Tee: The Ecstatic

Mos Def's lastest album The Ecstatic will be the first full album to be released in tee shirt form. Thankfully nothing like the wearable instrument shirt - (yes it is a real thing) - there's a picture of the album cover on the front, the tracklist on the back, and a hang-tag with a code to download it in MP3 format. Just for the record the tee shirt will look like the picture below and not the one I fashioned above. (sorry)
A collaboration between fashion/music company Invisible DJ and Californian fashion label LnA - Mos Def's tee shirt album retails at €39 - pretty pricey considering you can buy the album for about €9 on Amazon etc. So the ever increasing crossover between fashion and music plays its part in the struggle to find new ways to get people to pay for music. Just like the circle of life but with tee shirts instead of lions.

You can check out some of the new tracks and buy the album on Mos Def's myspace.

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Joe said...

Wow, that sounds like a great ideas but not that great when it comes to making it 4real...

Talking bout Mos Def, you gonna dig this video I did...


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