Retro review: The Low End Theory from A Tribe Called Quest

This just in - 18 years ago!

While perusing the interwebs recently I came across mention of A Tribe Called Quest's second album - The Low End Theory - from 1991. God knows what I was listening to in 1991- Color Me Badd probably, or worse - but that's no excuse for how I let the last 18 years go by without even knowing this album existed. The general consensus on the internet is that this is a seminal album that helped define hip hop as a blah blah blah - and influenced every future hip hop artist ever. And if that's not good enough for you it is on a bunch of top 100 album lists. Hmm. I was dubious.

Well, it turns out for once the interweb is right! Q-Tip's flow is mesmerising - I could listen to him all day . He and Phife Dawg play off each other and the lyrics are in turn funny, smart and thought provoking; the album touches the topics of getting screwed by record companies, date rape and the trappings of fame. I am pretty happy I got it even if it was 18 years late.

Tune in next week for my review of a movie you may not have heard about yet - where a bunch of crazy guys go around New York capturing ghosts - with hilarious results!!

You can listen to one of Q-Tip's songs "What?" here:


You can buy The Low End Theory from Amazon by clicking here.

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