I had this post up on thinkhouse but it's too amazing not to share (the content, not the post)

The Internets newest meme sensation… Charlie Schmidt’s ‘Cool Cat’. Nearly 2 million hits in just over a month, a host of de rigor video-remixes and tributes and even it’s own range of Cool Cat merchandise. So far so (internet) normal until a week ago when this super-meme collided with another great super-meme ‘the 3 wolf shirt’. For those unfamiliar, the 3 Wolf Shirt is a tee-shirt featuring 3 wolves and a moon that went on to be one of the top selling pieces of clothing online, owed to the rather witty, sometimes essay like reviews left on it’s homepage, even making the BBC news in the process. Well the internet nearly blew up last week when some very clever desigh duo 'Oxen' combined these to super memes to make an ulta-meme, ladies and gentlemen.. we give you the ‘3 Keyboard Cat Moon Shirt’.

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