Polaroid Pogo: the future is now

So it finally happened - I've turned into my parents. I held out for long enough but now I am resigned to calling youtube ' The Youtube ' and being generally utterly gobsmacked at technology as it whizzes over my head. I am a huge fan of these new fangled ' 3-D movies' and most recently, the Polaroid Po-Go instant digital camera was the latest to amaze me.

It's larger than a regular digital camera but a perfectly good size considering it's GOT A PRINTER in it. The photos come out 2" x 3" and have a sticker back too. I obviously have no idea how it works as there's no ink cartridges or anything, but who am I to question technology? I'm just here to exclaim 'awesome ' and 'the future is now' and 'can I get one?' Because it's a digital camera you can choose which pictures to print (the camera has editing capabilities too) - this is more sensible with less waste than the old Polaroid cameras but at the same time these new photos have lost that original Polaroid quiddity that can't be replicated with modern technology.

Of course, I lament the passing of the old Polaroid cameras but as it becomes increasingly rare for people to ever print out photos this new version is pretty cool too.


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Passi said...

It is with out a doubt the most awesome dollars thing I own, thanks you legends!