My Top 5 bacon products

Just saw this over on likecool.com, some sweet bacon flavour lip balm. That got me to thinking about bacon, which got me to eating about bacon, which got me thinking about bacon again and in particular my favourite bacon products, which finally led to this post... My Top 5 Bacon Products of all time.

#1 - Canadian streaky maple bacon: Pure and simple, cooked by the pound and eaten in one sitting with added maple syrup. This was a daily ritual on my 3 week trip to Canadia a while back.#2 - Bacon in a Tube: for reasons similar to number one but not as harsh on the back pocket - I don't mean financially, I mean literally.(Grease stains are a total mare)#3 - Bacon Bra: Titties and bacon, life's simplest pleasures. (Surely safer cooked though?)

#4 - Bacon Lip Balm: For pocket sized bacon freshness.#5 - Giant bacon and Egg bagel- from one of my fave sites, Pimp That Snack, check out their patented bacon weave.

Plus two little bonuses, this amazing website: and this rather amusing pic.

And finally, one which I have yet to make my mind up on, but do plan on investigating further, it's bacon lube.

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