Screens n spokes - art and bikes do good - for once!

There is a charity for multiple sclerosis in Philadelphia called Screens 'n' Spokes - every year a group of artists make screen prints on the theme of bicycles and also a bunch of cyclists go for a big long sponsored bike ride. I came across this charity by accident as I am a big fan of Jay Ryan - an Illinois-based screen printer - and saw this poster online:

I like cycling too - AND posters so needless to say I purchased it - all the proceeds go to the charity so you get to feel all warm and fuzzy but also you have an amazing art print with which one might impress possible suitors. (Which is, let's face it, the only reason people buy art or do charity work.) Here are a couple of examples of other posters for sale:

Hero Design Studio 09

Dirk Fowler 08

They aren't expensive and - and the postage wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be - in conclusion - it will COST you money not to buy these prints. You can check out all the posters at the screen n spokes etsy shop or at the screens n spokes blog.

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