Brush to the beat!

More public child hygiene safety announcements from Yo! Gabba Gabba - First we had Chromeo's 'Nice n Clean' all about washing your hands - now it's Of Montreal's song about brushing your teeth, complete with super cute animated video by Kangaroo Alliance. Of Montreal are an American indie band from Georgia but their music is a lot cooler than the phrase 'American indie band from Georgia' might suggest. Unfortunately I can't embed the video as Yo! Gabba Gabba won't allow it (which is ridiculous as all their other videos are all over the interwebs) but I highly recommend you check this out:

Link to Brush Brush Brush on Yo! Gabba Gabba

Of Montreal - Brush Brush Brush ( YSI )

If you liked that, here is another song of theirs (also animated by Kangaroo Alliance) - don't let the title 'Wraith Pined to the Mist' put you off - it's actually a happy song. Although with these indie bands you never know - the video does involve various cute little guys meeting various ends so maybe I'm missing something.

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