Rainy Day Review: H.O.S.H

H.O.S.H is a german minimal/ house/ techno DJ and producer and I don't know anything about him (or minimal, or house, or techno for that matter) but some of his tracks are amazing. If you like your beats slick and somewhat filthy (perfect for a rainy day) you should check these out.

This one White Elephant is from 2007 - this video is pants but you can check out the tune and see if it's up your street before downloading it.

This next tune is called The Valve, and as Chewy would say, it's so far UP my street I'm surprised it's not in my front room havin' a cup of tea with my nan:

H.O.S.H White Elephant (YSI)

H.O.S.H The Valve (YSI)


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