Google Goggles: don't drink and mail

If you use Gmail you can now avail of of their 'mail goggles' lab - if you try to send an email really late at night at the weekend it stops you, makes you do some sums and if you get them wrong - NO MAILING FOR YOU, BOOZY! - And voilá! Morning time comes and a hungover but surprisingly regret free you thanks wise ol' Gmail for looking out for you.

Hmmm. I worry that if I used this feature and Gmail told me to go to bed and sleep it off I would view this as a challenge- I'd stay up drinking and honing said email PLUS an even more offensive one to the good people at Google until the ban was lifted - whereupon I would send both immediately. But, it's a good idea if you are prone to drunk night mailing and you can preset your risk times too, if, like me, you do all your drinking during the day. Why, I'm only writing this post to pass the time til 8 pm. Ahem.

I also love the idea that some messer at Google came up with this after sending some dodgy email to someone - afterwards, full of regret, they were all ' hang on, I work in GOOGLE, I can use my powers for good, not evil, and prevent this from happening other total hangers in the world!' If anyone knows of a way to get the Gmail genie to appear at 4 am and shake its head disapprovingly at you when you are about to send that text - please let me know.

P.S - Coconut Records - Nighttiming

All this talk of night time reminds me of my favourite song from Coconut Records - Why, yes! that is diminutive dreamboat actor Jason Schwartzman's band. Many's a night I spend drinking, trying to trick Gmail into letting me send emails, brushing up on my sums, listening to this song:

It's not the official video but it's pretty slick and be warned: the song is CATCHY.
Coconut Records - Nighttiming ( YSI)

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