Julian Casablancas goes solo

Julian Casablanca's first solo album Phrazes For The Young is out at the beginning of November. The first single is called 11th Dimension and I'm still not sure about it- it's got a chorus that's as catchy as any Strokes song but as for the rest of it - it kind of sounds to me like he listened to some electro and tried to make some but didn't quite get it right. Also, I know I am old and not down with the kids but even after about 10 listens I still can't make out a word he is singing. I guess I should just get used to that though. Even the cover of the single:

looks like he's been on myspace checking out Triobelisk artwork - and of course this may be what he's all about - so I am really looking forward to hearing the full album and seeing what's what. I think I am mostly annoyed as there is a bit near the end that goes all out of key on purpose and every time I listen now I am just waiting for that bit to ruin the whole thing for me. And now I've told you about it that's all you'll be waiting for too! Although this clearly says more about me than about Casablanca's musical sensibilities.

However. as a HUGE strokes fan I am expecting great things from the album. Albert Hammond Junior is pretty cool but I think ol' JC might be more up my street.

Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension (ysi)


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