Bobby McFerrin - who knew?! Everyone, apart from me, clearly.

Up until very recently if you had said the name Bobby McFerrin to me I would have thought of that 80s 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' tune, and not very favourably at that probably. But a friend sent me the following video of a talk he did at a science (stay with me now) fair last year and as Hansel would say it changed my whole perspective on shit: check it out, it's so good:

So it turns out Bobby McFerrin is a musical legend - his parents were classical singers and he has won 10 grammys and did the theme for The Cosby Show (season 4) and he's a world famous conductor and has his own vocal orchestra and is currently writing an opera among other things. Boy, is my face red. Check out his wiki page if, you know, you aren't feeling quite under-achievery enough this fine January. Actually, scratch that - check out this video instead - it will make you feel much better. Just him on a stage singing 'Thinking About Your Body' and playing himself like a funky theremin:

Thinking About Your Body - Bobby McFerrin mp3 (Yousendit)


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