Omar! Is that you?

Even I know The Wire is the best thing ever. And that Omar is also the best thing ever. The only video I could find with Omar that didn't have some kind of spoilers in it was this montage which is initially amusing but turns out to be quite mesmerising and does somewhat capture him:

So kudos to the actor Michael K. Williams for being so amazing. And DOUBLE kudos to him for ALSO starring as James the cop in R.Kelly's supreme hip-hopera opus Trapped in the Closet. Yes, remember that little gem?! James the cop is going out with a lady called Bridget who is having an affair with a midget (R.Kelly's got mad rhyming skillz) - and if you don't remember it or haven't seen it - behold it in all its dramatic majesty:

According to his wiki page, Michael K. Williams got his awesome facial scar in a fight on his 25th birthday, which would have been in 1991. I know it's kind of fuzzy but it doesn't look like he has the scar in the R.Kelly video which was produced in 2005. What gives, internet? I'm not even going to consider the possibility wikipedia isn't made of 100 per cent true science facts because my whole belief system would crumble. The mystery just makes me more enamoured.

You can watch more of Trapped in the Closet on youtube but really what you should be doing is going and buying all 5 series of The Wire here. I was going to end there with an Omar-esque "You feel me?" but clearly I could never pull that off.

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