Where We Going / Where We At Pt 2

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It seems hardship is often a catalyst for creativity. Just as jazz was born during slave era America, the tradition of music flourishing in times of oppression continues to this day. Many of the sounds currently doing the rounds on 'hipster DJs' playlists stem from places where oppression was or is rife. In particular it seems, former colonies where now due to cultural hybridity and the advent of easily obtainable production software new sounds are combining traditional local elements with house or techno beats.
Baile Funk from the ghettos of Brazil, Kudoro from Angola, Bhangra from India and Kwaito from South Africa, are all gaining worldwide recognition due mainly to the Internet changing how we consume music.
We at CLIMAXXX feel it's about time we thought of a name for this style, as I said here, World Music just doesn't cut it. So, ladies and gentlemen, from now on, when someone asks what styles we play, we will be delighted to add......Po-Co House to the list (that's Post Colonial House to the lay person)

Another fine example of which is featured below, this time from South Africa. Kwaito originated in the townships around Johannesburg in the early 90s in the middle of apartheid, the word itself coming from the Afrikaans word for angry and was a way for those struggling under the regime to vent some of their anger through music and dance.
This track from DJ Mujava 'Township Funk' is causing quite a stir on the scene right now, splitting people down the middle with it's simple hook and basic beat. Diplo played it at EP recently to great response and it's been on Sinden's playlists for some time. Like it or loathe it, it's great to see the Kwaito scene getting worldwide recognition.

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