Bi-Co-Po-Co House

I have been asked by bodytonicmusic.com to write a monthly piece on the rise of New World Music taking in Brazil, Columbia, the US, the Balkans, Africa and maybe some more along the way. The lads tell me if things really take off they will put mo on the bodytonic jet and fly me to these places so do send some feedback their way. First stop on my imaginary travels is Brazil, the article just went up here and you can see it in all its glory including links, here on the blog.
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1 comment:

Katie said...


Maybe you can have a bi-mo, pro-fri-so-wi, bi-co, po-co house-con!!

(a bi-monthly, pro friday in the south william, bi- continental, post colonial- house convention!!)

(yeah chewy's playing kwaito every second friday in the south W )